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Shortly after Galveston’s Great Storm of 1900 and the completion of the protective seawall in 1904, the City of Galveston began its rise as a coastal beach community. Its historic surrey bikes were initially pushed by an attendant and later peddled. In past times, if you visited Galveston and wanted to be seen, you traveled the seawall by surrey bike. Today, the seawall is home to a vast community of surrey bikers, both resident and tourist, all seeking a means to explore Galveston Island.


Galveston’s generally flat terrain along the seawall, beaches and streets; its temperate weather ideal for a surrey ride; and spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico all support a vibrant biking culture in this beach and leisure town. Whether you are a couple taking a relaxing surrey ride at sunset, a family or group looking for adventure, or an athlete seeking an enjoyable bicycling workout, the Salt Water Gift Shop is here to satisfy your surrey bike rental needs.

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