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Find Pet Travel Tips for Smooth Journeys | Saltwater Gift Shop

Updated: 7 days ago

You love your pets, and you want to take them with you when you travel. But do you know how to do that safely and efficiently? Read on for some tips from Salt Water Gift Shop to smooth out the process of traveling with your pets.

Plan Thoroughly

If your furry friend is to be your travel companion, you must plan thoroughly. Research pet-friendly destinations and accommodations before your trip. Some places accept dogs, cats, both, or neither. Make sure you know the rules and the fees.

If you're traveling by plane, know exactly what you must do to keep your pet calm and safe. You’ll also need to look into the airline’s pet policies to ensure you have all of the required items. If you're traveling by car, develop a schedule that allows you and your pet plenty of breaks. Before your trip, have your pet checked by a veterinarian, and carry your pet's health paperwork with you. Use a collar, ID tag, and microchip for full identification and security. You can even switch from a traditional collar and tag to a GPS collar. Look online for vet-recommended options to give you peace of mind as you travel.

Use the Right Tools

Plenty of tools are available that can make traveling with a pet much easier. Take a look at food and water dishes specially designed for pets on the go, and shop around for the most comfortable pet carrier. Car restraints are essential for safety if you'll be driving with your pet in the back seat. Bring along a portable litter box for your cat, and fit your pet with a harness and leash.

If your cat won't tolerate a harness, consider a cat backpack. This way, you can carry your cat with you and not worry about escapes. Look for a backpack that's durable, well-ventilated, and large enough for your cat. Your pet will love sniffing the fresh air and watching the scenery in comfort.

However, before investing any money on things for your pet, make sure you check out reviews to ensure you’re spending money on quality products. Pet products vary in quality, so it’s good to be informed before buying anything.

Calm Your Pet (and Yourself!)

If your pet gets a little nervous when you travel, be ready with some calming strategies. Your local vet might prescribe a mild sedative for you to administer as needed, but also research some natural remedies for pet anxiety. A Thundershirt for dogs or pheromones for cats may help. Give your pet a familiar, comforting object and plenty of snuggles and pets.

Also, you should strive to remain calm. Your pet can sense your anxiety and get upset as a result, so relax and transmit that calm to your pet. This is especially true if you bring your stress home with you after work. Look for signs of stress, like constant scratching, frequent urination, or sudden mood changes.

Purchase Pet Insurance

Before leaving on your trip, consider purchasing pet insurance to cover vet bills in case of an emergency. Shop around before you buy, and learn about deductibles, premiums, coverage levels, and limitations (such as maximum pet age). Read reviews, and compare some sample quotes from various policies to choose the one that best fits your situation and your budget.

Have Some Fun

Most of all, when you're traveling with your pet, have some fun. Take your dog on long walks or to the dog park. Play with your cat, and provide plenty of lap time. Your pet shouldn't be cooped up in a hotel room all day, so choose pet-friendly activities, and bring your pet along.

If you and your pet find that a particular destination is especially enjoyable (and pet friendly), consider investing in a vacation home there. It may seem like a big step, but buying a vacation home is just like buying a standard home, except lenders generally want a larger down payment. And you can always rent it out Airbnb style when you aren’t using it to help cover the costs. Just imagine returning to your favorite spot to relax without having to pay for pet deposits or wonder if you’ll find the right pet-friendly accommodations.

Travel Well

Your pet can become a world-class traveler if you plan carefully and prepare well. This should include having a plan in place for traveling, researching pet-related products before you buy anything, and keeping calm regardless of the situation. Your pet will thank you, and you'll both have the time of your lives.

Cover Photo Credit: Jacob Gomez via Pexels

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