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Plan a Date Night

Imagine peddling your surrey-for-two alongside Galveston beaches, basking in island life. You and your loved one feeling pleasant breezes and breathing in the fresh, salty air while strolling your quadricycle towards a breathtaking sunset. Both of you listening to the sound of gentle waves crashing on the shore along with the rustling of native flora and fauna. We know you will delight in this relaxing, romantic surrey tour of Galveston Island. It’s a slice of coastal heaven.

Or, consider pumping up the excitement with an e-scooter rental, feeling the rush of air from the warm gulf winds. Scooter your way to Galveston’s privately-owned boutiques, bars and eating establishments. Tour around the many beautiful homes, gardens and historical architecture found around town and along the beach.

Whether you desire a peaceful, easy feeling on your covered quadricycle or the quicker pace of a roaming e-scooter, it will be a date to remember. Either way, bring along a cooler of beer, wine and snacks from the Salt Water Gift Shop. And don’t forget to grab a Galveston souvenir to commemorate your unique cycling adventure with your special someone.

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