Ready to carve the road? Try out Salt Water Gift Shop’s Onewheels, often referred to as electric skateboards. Instead of the four, small-wheel system of a regular skateboard, the Onewheel has, well, one large wheel located in the center of the board. With a short learning curve, you’ll be cruising the streets in minutes.


The Onewheel contains smart, self-balancing sensors to keep you upright and gliding down your path. Begin with your back foot placed on the rear sensing pad. Next, put your front foot on other sensing pad. The sensing pads cue the motor to engage. To accelerate, simply lean forward. To slow down, lean backward. To dismount (no gymnastics required), continue to lean back until the Onewheel slows to a stop, then lift the heel of your front foot off the sensor. See, you’re getting the hang of it already!