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Let’s talk about the fun of driving around on an electric scooter. This battery-powered vehicle is generally a stand-up, motorized scooter, known as an e-scooter. At Salt Water Gift Shop, located right on the seawall of Galveston Island, you can rent e-scooters by the hour. In addition, we carry a line of sit-down e-scooters (we call them "Fat Boys") and e-bikes. If peddling around town on a bicycle isn’t your thing, try out the excitement of an e-scooter. It’s like your own personal Uber, but much more fun!


E-scooters have been made popular by our younger generation and are revolutionizing transportation throughout America. This convenient, environmentally friendly mode of conveyance has seen tremendous growth in cities, tourist areas and coastal communities. Our e-scooters travel at speeds of roughly 10-20 mph and can be used for about 20 miles, plenty of driving distance to traverse the beaches, shopping districts and neighboring attractions. This means less walking time and more adventure time.


In the state of Texas, e-scooters are allowed on roadways, such as Galveston’s Seawall Boulevard, where speed limits are at or below 35 mph, unfortunately in Galveston the police and city marshal insist that e-scooters be driven on the wide sidewalks along Seawall Blvd., so you may not ride e-scooters on the main streets in Galveston. Our e-scooters have large stable tires for stability. E-scooter features include a quick-release disc brake, skid-resistant footboard, a front headlight and rear braking light, mud guard and horn. We also offer helmets for added safety.

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